Finally we have enough space in /system install the full Google Apps package, download the latest full package from the official thread.

I had a slight problem getting this on to the phone as adb sideload uses /tmp which is only 400MB so the transfer fails and I didn’t have an SD card handy. To fix this I mounted /data, pushed the zip file to /data and then used a bind mount to mount /data to the SD card location of /storage/sdcard0

adb shell mount /data
adb push /path/to/ /data
adb shell mkdir /storage/sdcard0
adb shell mount -o bind /data /storage/sdcard0

Now choose install from SD card in the CWM menu and select the Google Apps zip file.

After another slow reboot later and I have CyanogenMod 12 and the latest Paranoid Android Google Apps on my Galaxy S2. I’ve included the obligatory screen shots of the home page and the device status.