Some of you might know that my wife and I are planning to quit our jobs at the end of this year and travel the world together.

Sadly 2 1/2 years ago my grandfather died aged 89, and during the service his daughter (my aunt) said in her eulogy “His wife died young while he was still working and he always regretted not spending time with her”. While I can’t fix that, I can try to make sure that neither Serra or I have that regret.

This time 10 years ago I was in Eastern Europe travelling with friends on the railways and loving the experience. I went on to travel to Northern Europe regularly in the next few years, meeting online friends “In Real Life”.

5 years ago today I was getting married to Serra, surrounded by friends and family. We are lucky enough (we know we are lucky) to be able leave our jobs and set off to experience the world together. We both feel the need to evaluate what we in terms of employment and lifestyle for the next few decades (hopefully) together.

I have built the outline of the route where we want to go, so if anyone wants to meet as we travel get in touch.